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We have been breeding goats for over 30 years, and we ran a small commercial goat dairy for over 20 years near Mudgee, NSW Australia.  Our Saanens have been exported to many countries around the world including Russia, Argentina, Taiwan, The Philippines, Thailand and Dubai.  When we bred boer goats, our Boers were exported to China and Malaysia. 

Trigfry Geranium.  First lactation saanen doe who peaked at over 7 liters of milk a day.


Over these 30 years we have had experience with all breeds of goats, but the main breed kept here has always been Saanens.  This is because they are consistently placid, high producing milkers.


Anglo Nubians

Because of their colour and personality we also keep a small number of purebred and crossbred Anglo Nubians.  Although not expecting these to milk the quantities produced by our Saanens, we do expect them to be more than a pretty face!

Kernmore Monty with two of his daughters

Boer Goats

We are getting out of breeding boer goats, so the last of our boers are up for sale. They are no longer registered, but go back to registered breeding. The buck on the left is a mature buck and proven sire. He is $265. SOLD

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