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We have been breeding saanens for over 25 years.  The emphasis has always been on milk production.  Any bucks introduced into the herd have always come from high milk producing bloodlines.  We have recently added Lee Avon Moxy to our sires.  His mother is an Australian Champion, and she is also a *Q* and RM188.  His first kids have arrived and we are very pleased with them.

Trigfry Shasta - purebred Saanen doe who produced over 5 litres a day on her first lactation

We have not shown dairy goats for many years, so some of our photos are now of the important working end of our saanens.  Below are some of the udders of does currently in our herd.  Most of these photos were taken when the does were 6 months, or more, into their lactations.

+Murrungowar Lincoln is one of the herd's current sires.  His dam is Australian Champion R189 Murrungowar Leilani *Q*5.  She was Victorian Doe of the Year in 2000 and has produced a 24hr milk production in excess of 8 kilos.

Past Saanen Stud Sire + Murrungowar Lincoln
Trigfry Rhododendron - purebred Saanen doe showing plenty of milk

Trigfry Rhododendron on her second lactation.  

Rhododendron has a buck and doe kid at foot by Lee Avon Moxy.  Moxy's mum is an Australian Champion, *Q* and RM188.

A couple of the 2003 goatlings that were exported to Thailand.  These goatlings are sired by +Murrungowar Lincoln

Saanen Goatlings that were exported to Thailand
Trigfry Domatilda's udder.

Trigfry Domatilda

Produced a peak of 5.5 kilos a day on her second lactation.  Was still milking over 4 kilos a day 7 months later


Trigfry Ruthie

Peak milk production this lactation was 6.1 kilos in 24 hrs.

Trigfry Ruthie's udder.
Udder of Shasta

Trigfry Shasta 

Six months into her first lactation.  A daughter of Murrungowar Lincoln. Produced 5 litres a day peak on her first lactation. 

Trigfry Geranium

Saanen first lactation doe.  Produced a peak of over 7 kg a day.  We have an outstanding commercial buck kid available for sale from Geranium, and sired by Lee Avon Moxy.

Trigfry Geraniums udder on her first lactation. She is a very good milker

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