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Boer Goats

Although we have only had boer goats for a few years, we are very pleased with the easy going temperament of these goats, plus their ability to fatten quickly on feed. We have a variety of bloodlines including Nico Botha, Pip Nieuwoudt, plus  granddaughters and great granddaughters of Vlek.  

We have been lucky enough to have use of Highland T58 ("Noster") in our boer goat herd in the 2006.  Noster is still strong and sound at 7 years of age. 

An embyo imported  from South African, "Noster" was breed by CJ Du Toit.  His father was the famous South African sire Noster.  His maternal grand sire was the equally well known South African sire Popeye.

We are looking forward to Noster's kids on the ground, as we were very taken with the meatiness of his kids in the last stud he was used at.  

Fullblood Boer Buck Highland T58
Highland T58 in his working clothes in the 2006 breeding season. Weight 100kg.

Trigfry Elijah.  Fullblood boer buck.
"Elijah". Buckling sired by Jolleen Rocky 2 out of Macquarie Elysa

We are particularly looking forward to Noster's kids from our fullblood  daughters sired by Elijah.  Elijah was the sire used in our herd in the 2005 season, and we are very happy with his kids.  They are very solid and meaty.

There are some photos of Elijahs kids on the Boer Goat Sale page

On the right is a Fullblood Boer goatling out of Macquarie Elysa, sired by the African bred buck Knocknegalah 41. 

She has been mated to Noster, and is due to kid in late spring. 

There may be some spare Noster doe kids available, depending on how our kidding goes this season. 


Fullblood Boer goatling from the Trigfry Goat Stud.
Elysa's 2004 daughter

Voden 19.  Fullblood boer doe with her 2004 twin doe kids.
Voden 19

The fullblood boer doe Voden 19 is the photograph on the left.  She was one of our foundation does.  She was a very large bodied doe that regularly gave us triplets.

This is Voden 19 feeding her twin 2004 doe kids Megan and Meg. These kids were sired by "Kurtis" (Knocknegulah 41).

Megan and Meg are now mature does and are due to kid in August.

Macquarie Elysa - fullblood Boer Doe, one of our  additions from the Macquarie Boer Goat Stud, all sired by the South African bred sire New England FV80 (Pip Nieuwoudt buck). 

Elysa is a small nuggetty doe.  She is also our best mothering and milking boer doe. 

Her 2004 doe kid is pictured above, and Elijah is her son.

Fullblood boer doe Macquarie Elysa.  Owned by Trigfry Goat Stud.
Macquarie Elysa

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