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4 fullblood boer bucklings (18 - 20 months) For Sale. These are being sold as commercial bucks, but a pedigree can be supplied if requested. They are all sired by Highland T58.

The bucks are in full working condition. Being disbudded, they are ideal for small farms, people who are a bit nervous about bucks, and anyone who is just sick of bucks with horns smashing gates, fences and anything else in their way.

Priced from $165 - $275 (inc GST)

If you would like more information or details please email me.

Stud buck in use at Trigfry Goat Stud 2006 - Highland T58
Highland T58 

This year we have bred our boer goat herd to Highland T58 (photo on the left), a son of the well known South African Buck "Noster".  He threw good meaty kids in the last stud he was used in.  Sorry, "Noster" is not for sale. 

There are photos of some of our 2005 kids below (not for sale) to give you an idea of the type of boer goats we like to breed.


Another photo of the sale 2006 bucklings sired by Highland T58. They have been bought in for the breeding season to make sure they don't get to any of our does.

They are mainly living on hay and a very small amount of grain, so are not overweight and are keen to work.

 Email if you are interested in ordering any 2007 kids.  We wether the majority of our buck kids when they are around 3 months of age, so if you are interested in a particular buck kid, let us know early.

The photos below are some of our 2005 drop kids (not for sale).  They are all sired by Elijah.

Fullblood doe kid from Vicky - Trigfry Goat Stud Fullblood boer goat wether from the Trigfry Goat Stud Australia. Fullblood doe kid from Trigfry Goat Stud. Fullblood twin boer kids sired by Elijah.

All our goats are disbudded for the safety of the goats and their handlers.  This also makes them safer and easier to crate for export.   They could be left horned provided they are ordered and a deposit payed at birth.

Ken and Lorraine Gratton
P.O. Box 367
Mudgee NSW  2850
Phone +61 2 6372 6610     Fax +61 2 6372 6910

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