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Young first cross nubian doe with second cross buck kid at foot. The photo on the right is another photo of the buck kid. Price $130 (GST inc)

We may consider spliting the kid from his mum, but he has not been handled a lot.


Cute, friendly anglo nubian buck kid for sale.

Pet Anglo Nubian wether kid for sale.

Third cross anglo nubian whether kid for sale. Drinks out of a bottle or a bucket. Very friendly.

Disbudded and vaccinated with 5-in-1.

Born in September 2007

Price: $66 (GST inc) (SOLD)

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Because of the drought and the small number of goats that will be kidding on our farm this year, it is unlikely that there will be any anglo nubian, or anglo nubian cross doe kids for sale this year.

The only purebred Anglo Nubian we have for sale is the buck listed below.

Hopefully there will be anglo nubian crosses for sale in the 2009 season.


For Sale: Buckling Trilling 2005  52

Sire: Killara Ram Mandragora
Dam: Trilling Jacaranda.  

This buck was born in the cold of the NSW Northern Tablelands and raised without much pampering. He was a 2005 drop kid.

Price: $150 SOLD

Please email me for more photos or details.  

Ken and Lorraine Gratton
P.O. Box 367
Mudgee NSW  2850
Phone +61 2 6372 6610

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